For modern businesses telecoms has become much more than an office phone used to call out on. It also includes broadband, mobile networks and the associated hardware. 

FTTP, ISDN, VOIP and 5G are just a few of the acronyms used in what can a more confusing sector than it needs to be, we help by providing clear, simple to understand packages. 

Kernow Merchant Services can help you ensure your telecommunication network is secure, suitable and futureproof by recommending the best services and hardware for your needs.

By 2025 all businesses are expected to have moved from the old ISDN network. Currently only 10% have a fibre to the premises connection.

Tied into a contract? We'll cover your cancellation fees up front...

If you’re already with another provider for your telecoms, we can pay your exit fees up to £300 to help you make the switch with us up front so you’re not out of pocket.

Flexible Contracts

Over the next 4 years every company in the UK is expected be able to access fast reliable broadband via a FTTP package. Unfortunately currently around 90% of businesses don’t yet have this option available.

To help maximise your flexibility  we have a range of monthly  rolling contracts for your telecoms to use until FTTP is available. We’ll even let you know when the time comes for you to upgrade to the new network.

Fibre To The Premises

FTTP or fibre to the premises broadband connections will ensure businesses are future proof and ready to take advantage of increased internet speeds and more secure encryption.

With 90% of the current market unable to switch to FTTP yet we can keep you informed when this becomes available to you. When it’s time to swap we will offer the best packages for you from our range of over 30 suppliers.

Hardware & VOIP

Faster, secure internet connections are changing the way we communicate. Instead of traditional phones more and more companies are moving to VOIP packages. These use the internet to place calls rather than telephone wires.

Our range of VOIP, mobile and hardware packages will keep your businesses talking and represent great value and flexibility. If needed we’ll survey your site for free to provide the best way forwards.


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