Dojo Machines

A Call Centre With a Difference


No blind hourly rates without accountability, no out of date data and no “They’re in the area anyway” appointments. KMS offers lead generation that gives results. We’re so good we’ll get you appointments before a business even opens!


Simple transparent pricing, short term rolling campaigns and all the support you need to find, chase and convert leads into sales.

Appointment Setting.

Sales consultants shouldn’t be spending their time setting their own appointments. To maximise your return it makes sense to maximise the time spent in front of potential customers closing.

Our appointment service means you’ll be spending more time selling and less time searching.  


Transparent Pricing.

Our campaign pricing is transparent and simple, we operate a credit system with each call, email or prospect created costing one credit. 

By keeping things simple it’s clear where your money is being spent and what’s working best for you. 

By offering this pay as you go option you have the flexibility to increase or decrease your spend accordingly.

Sourcing Data

Don’t have your own data? We can source and create call lists, screen against existing customers and ensure every call placed is chasing an eligible customer.

In addition, we can monitor when businesses are about to open or change hands meaning you speak to new business owners before they even open the doors.


Frequent Questions

How Many Calls Do You Place?

As we charge per call, the volume of work we complete is transparent. On average we place 15-20 calls an hour.

How Many Appointments Can I Expect?

Our team are fully trained on the products they sell and all appointments are verified and confirmed. We expect an appointment every 30 to 40 calls and these will be with engaged, invested prospects. The longer a campaign runs the more appointments we generate.

What Else Do You Offer?

If required, we can help with any sales admin you have, chasing documents, setting up products or giving initial training. We believe your time is best spent selling, not completing admin tasks.

Card Machines

We supply a range of terminals on monthly rolling contracts with no tie ins or cancellation fees. With triple connectivity and P2PE encryption they’re a perfect match for your business.

Online Payments

Our payment gateway integrates with most websites to provide secure, quick and easy payment options. Best of all, its available on a short-term rolling contract.

Telephone Payments

Our software allows payments to be taken over the phone securely. This means there are no customer not present fees. This is free if purchased alongside a payment terminal.

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