Payment Processing

In retail and hospitality around 75% of payments are via card or contactless devices. It’s vital that businesses can take payments quickly and securely, whether face to face, online or over the phone.

A review from Kernow Merchant Services will ensure your payment processing packages represent good value and are the best fit for the way you do business. 

We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our service we’ll pay your existing cancellation fees and offer you short term rolling contracts without lengthy tie ins.

In a recent survey, over 3/4 of small businesses were paying unnecessary fees or inflated rates for their payment processing via their chip and pin terminal or website.

Tied into a contract? We'll cover your cancellation fees up front...

If you’re already with another provider, we can pay your exit fees up to £3,000 to help you make the switch with us up front so you’re not out of pocket.

Card Machines

We supply a range of terminals with different features. This ensures what we offer is the right choice for you. Possible options include:
s Monthly rolling contract, no large cancellation fees.
s P2PE encryption, ensuring your data is kept safe.
s Hygienic, wipe-clean touch screens, no buttons.
s Option to integrate with your EPOS system, reducing errors.
s Triple channel connectivity, eliminating weak signals.
s Bespoke rates based on what card types you take most.
s Money in your account by 10am the next working day.  

Online Payments

If selling via the internet your business needs to accept online payments securely. Our gateway integrates with most websites and offers:
s Bespoke rates based on turnover by card type.
s Quick, secure payments, keep your data safe.
s Short term contracts, no lengthy ties ins.
s Next day settlement of funds, get paid quicker.
s Works via computers, tablets or mobiles.
s Able to send invoices including links to make payments online.
s Integrates with EPOS systems via handheld devices.

Telephone Payments

Payments over the phone have seen a return as companies have adapted their selling channels. Our dedicated software offers the following:
s Free if purchased with a chip and pin terminal.
s Short term contracts, no lengthy tie ins.
s Bespoke rates based on how your customers usually pay.
s No C.N.P (Card Not Present) fees when taking payments.
s Able to send invoices including links to make payments online.
s Extra security to reduce the risk of taking fraudulent payments.
s Use on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Card Machines

We supply a range of terminals on monthly rolling contracts with no tie ins or cancellation fees. With triple connectivity and P2PE encryption they’re a perfect match for your business.

Online Payments

Our payment gateway integrates with most websites to provide secure, quick and easy payment options. Best of all, its available on a short-term rolling contract.

Telephone Payments

Our software allows payments to be taken over the phone securely. This means there are no customer not present fees. This is free if purchased alongside a payment terminal.

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