For many people wanting to start their own business, taking those first steps can be the most difficult. Our consultants have experience in starting and growing businesses and can sit down with you and offer advice on turning your business idea into a reality.

Our start up boot camp is free to sign up to and features workshops, mentoring chats and the opportunity to connect to others starting on the same journey. 

Our number one request from people wanting to start their own company is how to receive funding. We have experience in both grant applications and pitching proposals to investors and can help you secure the finances you need.


Around 600,000 start up businesses launch in the UK each year, yet 60% fail within 3. Access to quality mentoring can make a real difference to your success.

Got an idea but not sure what the next steps are?

We’re happy to advice you on the best way to turn your idea into a successful business, speak to us now.


Our free boot camp gives you the initial help to begin your start up journey. It covers the basics including finding your ideal market, how much you should charge for your product, testing viability and social marketing. Our mentors also offer 1-to-1 advice and guidance.

As you gain experience, we can continue to support you with our range of more advanced courses, workshops and webinars.

Grant Applications

There is a wide range of support and financial help available to start ups throughout the UK. In February 2021 there were over 200 schemes open for applications.

 Our consultants have helped businesses across a range of sectors secure substantial funds from local, regional and national schemes. We can assist you to put forward a successful application and gain the finance you need to start or grow.


Securing Investment

In some circumstances it may be more beneficial to seek private investment rather than applying for grants. Private investment can be quicker to secure and can be used for a wider range of uses.

We have experience of producing high quality financial forecasts, business plans and pitches that give investors the confidence to invest in new or growing businesses. Speak to us today to see how we can help you succeed.

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