Many small businesses are profitable but require a helping hand with cashflow, especially when starting out or growing. Traditionally the only option was a bank loan or overdraft. These options can be hard to secure without a substantial trading history or large deposit. 

Kernow Merchant Services can help businesses increase their liquidity with flexible finance options, these include cash advances paid back via a card terminal and short term loans secured against monies owed to a company.

57% of small businesses experience issues with cashflow caused by late payment of invoices.

Interested in securing some finance?

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Cash Advance Via A Card Terminal

We can supply a cash advance which is paid back every time you take a payment via your card terminal.

This means payments are lower when business is quiet and higher when busy, with no set end date. 

More flexible than a loan, a set fee is added rather than an interest rate.

Disclosed Invoice Financing

Our partner will pay up to 120% of an open invoice and add a fee. 

This amount is paid back by a set date, usually determined by the due date of the invoice used.

This is a suitable option for purchasing equipment to fund growth after securing a larger than usual order. 

Confidential Invoice Financing

Our partners will look at the number of open invoices held and offer an amount and repayment plan based on the strength of these and likely payment dates. 

These repayments are due at set intervals rather than based on invoice due dates.

Ideal for maintaining cashflow in the face of unpaid invoices.


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