Choose your rates

Thanks for clicking our advert to choose your own processing rates, you’ve taken the first step to ensuring you have a merchant service provider that puts you first.

We’re sure you probably already have a solution in place to take payment by card but with 78% of businesses paying unnecessary fines or over-inflated processing rates now may be the time to review your current provider.

This year has already seen the majority of payment processing companies increase their rates, meaning small businesses are paying more for the same level of service. Research shows approximately 2 out of 3 businesses are unhappy with their current provider but only 1 in 3 will actually change.

Our limited time offer makes changing providers simple, you tell us the rates you’re willing to move for and we’ll do the rest. As a further incentive we’ll even give you 6 months terminal rental for free, can you really afford not to talk to us?!

Concerned about cancellation fees? Don’t be, we’ll cover up to £3000 to make the switch smooth and trouble free. Get in touch below to start the journey to a better payment processing package.

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