Boosting Efficiency and Profits: How a mobile food vendor increased profits with one simple step

Boosting Efficiency and Profits: How a mobile food vendor increased profits with one simple step

In the bustling world of mobile food vendors, every second counts. The ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently directly impacts the revenue potential for business owners. Xzen Mobile Noodles, a popular mobile food vendor in the heart of the city, faced the challenge of long queues during the lunch hour rush. However, their decision to switch to Dojo payment terminals brought about a significant transformation. In this blog post, we will explore how Xzen leveraged Dojo’s cutting-edge technology to streamline their payment processes, reduce transaction times, and ultimately boost their profits.

The Challenge of Long Queues

At the peak of lunch hour, Xzen, like other mobile food vendors, faced a common dilemma – long queues of hungry customers eagerly waiting to place their orders. Each customer’s satisfaction and the business owner’s revenue were at stake. However, the traditional payment processes, with an average transaction time of 6 seconds, hindered their ability to serve customers swiftly.

The Dojo Difference

Recognising the need for a faster and more efficient payment solution, Xzen Mobile Noodles made the decision to switch to Dojo payment terminals. With Dojo’s advanced technology and lightning-fast transaction speeds, the business owner saw immediate results. Instead of spending 6 seconds per payment, they now only required an average of 2 seconds, reducing customer wait times significantly and increasing footfall to their stand.

Maximizing Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

The impact of the switch to Dojo payment terminals was nothing short of remarkable for Xzen. With the new found efficiency, they were able to serve more customers within the same time frame. The business owner saw an average increase of £30-£40 in daily revenue, as they could cater to an additional 5-6 customers each day. The faster transaction processing also improved customer satisfaction, as they experienced shorter wait times and quicker service.


The business owner expressed their delight, saying, “By switching to Dojo, I could serve an extra 5-6 customers a day. The signal is always strong, and transactions are processed quickly. Best of all, the money is in my account the next working day.” One satisfied customer shared, “All the vendors here produce good food and I often base my decision on which to use on which will serve me quickest as I only have a short lunch break, a faster terminal definitely helps!” These comments highlight the tangible benefits of Dojo’s efficient payment solution.

Transforming the Mobile Food Vendor Landscape

The story of Xzen Mobile Noodles and their partnership with Dojo serves as an example for other mobile food vendors seeking to optimize their payment processes. By embracing innovative technologies, such as Dojo’s lightning-fast payment terminals, business owners can drive operational efficiency, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Xzen Mobile Noodles successfully transformed their payment processes by adopting Dojo payment terminals. Through this switch, they conquered the challenge of long queues, significantly reducing transaction times and increasing revenue. By embracing cutting-edge technology, they not only improved their own business but also set a new standard in the mobile food vendor landscape. The success story of Xzen serves as a testament to the power of efficient payment solutions in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Boosting Efficiency and Profits: How a mobile food vendor increased profits with one simple step
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