The PTSN Big Switch Off

What’s happening with the UKs telecom network? This article covers

  • What the big switch off is
  • When is it happening
  • Next steps
  • How we can help

What is the big switch off?

The UK is modernising it’s telecommunications network, in the future all calls will be placed via the Internet using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) rather than traditional phone lines. The old PTSN network is being phased out and replaced with a new, full fibre offering. This is known as FTTP or Fibre To The Premises.

In addition to calls being placed over VOIP, full fibre will allow faster internet connectivity. Standard FTTP connections will offer up to 1GB or 1000mb and bespoke lines can be much faster.

When is it happening?

By Dec 2025 all calls will be placed via VOIP. Across the country different exchanges are being upgraded to the new network or being shut down. This is a rolling programme with different exchanges being upgraded in set tranches, currently we’re on tranche 7 and around 20% of businesses are eligible to switch to the new network and start using VOIP.

As an exchange is upgraded and FTTP becomes available the area enters a “stop sell” status, this means any changes or new contracts can’t use the old network but must switch to the new one as they renew or change providers.

What happens next?

For 90% of businesses the new FTTP network will be sufficient for their needs moving forwards. As their exchange enters stop sell they can upgrade to the new service. In simple terms this will give much faster connectivity for a similar price. It’s important to remember that every business in the UK will have to make this change over the next couple of years.

For some, a bespoke dedicated line will be more appropriate, these are dedicated lines with much faster speeds, guaranteed 99.97 uptime and upload speeds to match. This premium service is more expensive and typically suited to data heavy businesses.

How can Kernow Merchant Services help?

Kernow Merchant Services are experienced brokers of telecoms services, with years of experience in providing the right package to the right business.

When contacting you we will already be aware of when you will be eligible to switch and will offer the new package straight away or a management service starting on the old network but moving to FTTP as soon as available. Using us means you avoid the uncertainty of knowing when to switch and will avoid the rush towards the end of the window when prices will inevitably rise.

Our contracts have no artificial rises within them and come with a price match guarantee. Allowing us to take care of your internet and VOIP provision allows you to focus on running your company whilst a trusted and established provider manages your transfer to the new network.

The PTSN Big Switch Off
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