How do I get a credit card machine for my small business?

What do we cover?

  • It is so important to have a credit card machine because so few people use cash now.
  • There are different options.
  • Some look cheap but costs build up.
  • We check how much you will spend in total to get the best value for you.

Why do I need a credit card machine for my small business?

If you are asking how you get a credit card machine for your small business, you are likely either brand new or have decided that not being able to take payments by card is no longer viable. This is important because for the first time in 2019 51% of transactions were on a card (see here). Crossing the 50%threshold is significant for a number of reasons:

  • Fewer people carry cash
  • This was before the global pandemic
  • Restrictions and reducing contact between you and customers will likely continue as we learn to live with the virus
  • People will choose not to purchase from you if you only take cash

But you suspected all of that! You are here, reading this.

What types of card machine are available? 

There are many services available which will allow you to receive card payments. This article deals with physical, on premises transactions. We will cover online and telephone payments elsewhere.

On Googling the question ‘How do I get a credit card machine for my small business?’ you will likely be met with a bewildering array of ads and articles prompting you to buy services, or giving you a list of services which are available. The tricky bit is to unpick the right service for you. Various characteristics have an impact. Often new ventures go for the ‘no transaction, no fee’ approach of a percentage charge on each transaction. This can be efficient at the beginning – and avoid signing up for ongoing costs. But what happens when your business takes off and you have to bid a fond farewell to growing amounts of revenue which you can’t help feeling should be profit?

Who to talk to and why?

That is where we can help. Our transaction percentages are well below the charges from the likes of iZettle. We are able to do this because of the fixed rate per month we charge. Overall you will pay less once you are achieving a turnover over £2500 per month. 

Once you have spoken to our advisors, we will handle the process for you. We make certain you are connected, with the most appropriate hardware and that your experience is smooth. 

Additionally, with the breadth of services we offer, we can handle all your payment needs and more.

How do I get hold of one of these machines?

If you are looking for a card machine which is cost effective and hassle free, you need to speak to us. There are two options mos people use:

  1. Fill out our quote generator on the website – it will show you potential savings and ask you to send us your details so we can contact you to show how we can help
  2. Give us a call direct (in the near future we hope to be out and about in person again, but Zoom and phone in the meantime are serving us well)

As easy as that. Before you sign up for anything else, make sure you know what Kernow Merchant Services can do for you.

How do I get a credit card machine for my small business?
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