Focus on Florists – payment systems for florists

What’s in the article?

  • Kernow Merchant Services can save florists money on their card payments.
  • Our technology is designed to be safe, secure, easy to clean and look great.
  • You can get a free quote by clicking the button at the end of the article! 

Why Florists?

This is a busy time of year for florists. With Valentines and Mothers Day in quick succession it’s really busy. If you are a florist, recovering from the last few months and planning for the future – this article is for you.

We regularly look at individual industries to identify what we can do for them and if our products will show improvements for them. 

And it turns out, for florists it’s quite a lot!

How we know we can help florists

We have spent time talking directly to florists and found that there are a larger proportion than other sectors where they are on deals which  charge no monthly fees but have very high charges for each payment.  Although there may be no contract fees these terminals charge up to 6 times as much on each purchase compared to what we would charge. If you take more than £2000 a month you need to speak to us!

Let’s take iZettle as an example – not the most expensive but a well known example:

1.75% per transaction

£20-30k revenue over the last few months

Cost to the florist is roughly £350 – £525

Even with a fee, our machines would mean the same takings would cost £100-150. A saving of between £250 – £375  which leaves plenty of change for the £20 monthly fee! But anyone taking over £2000 per month needs to talk to us!

That saving is significant, but we do have other positives for you to consider.

Other benefits on top of the savings you could make

Some common questions we get are: 

It’s a hassle to change providers – Changing is quick and easy, if you’re in a contract we can provide the correct email to contact to leave.

We will be charged a fee to leave our current provider – No problem, we will cover up to £3000 for you up front, so you will not be out of pocket – only make savings.

The machine I have looks really good on the counter – Yes, we do get asked about this. Again we have one of the most up to date and best looking machines on the market (check out the picture on this blog!) and it will be a great addition to your checkout area.

Will the machine be able to take all types of payments? – Yes, contactless and pin, no problem

What about COVID regulations on contact with surfaces? – Our machines have a wipe-clean touchscreen surface so extremely COVID secure

Is our data safe? – Yes, our terminals use P2PE encryption as standard, this keeps your data safe throughout the transaction.

What is the connection like? – Our terminals can connect via Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS. The terminal will automatically select the strongest signal to ensure you stay connected and can switch mid-transaction if a signal drops.

Is there a delay in receiving funds? – Every transaction is with you by 10am the next working day!

What to do next:

We have helped several of the florists we spoke to – they signed up quickly to make the most of the savings. We’d love to do the same for you so you keep as much of your hard earned revenue as possible.

So – now you’ve got time to stop and take a breath after the last few months, please get in touch before the high street reopens in April. Check out our quote builder, leave your information and we will give you a call to ensure you have the best deal possible for your payment system. 

Get in touch or get a quote – then you can get saving.

Focus on Florists – payment systems for florists
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