New partnership with leading provider of renewable energy

Kernow Merchant Services are pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with Gaeltel, one of the UKs leading and most innovative providers of renewable energy.

Instead of providing off the shelf packages Gaeltel conduct a free survey of your business and recommend changes that will reduce usage, offer installation of renewable energy sources and a bespoke pricing structure for the energy you use.

All installation costs are rolled into the contract price, effectively meaning an interest free loan to cover the cost of new equipment. At the end of the contract all equipment is paid for and remains the property of your business. This means your bill will drop even further.

Uniquely, Gaeltel use 13 different renewable sources in their survey, ensuring the whole system is holistic and works efficiently. Whether they recommend solar panels, biomass, wind or geothermal you can be sure their solution reduces emissions and lowers the long term costs of energy use.

Excitingly the company is a leading authority on the use of battery storage, ensuring more of the energy produced is used efficiently when needed.

We’re looking forward to enabling the businesses we work with to produce cleaner energy, reduce their emissions and safe money on the cost of their utilities.

New partnership with leading provider of renewable energy
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