Introducing the new Pax A920

Pax A920

Kernow Merchant Services are excited to be able to offer the Pax A920 terminal to our customers on a flexible contract from just £20 per month.

Next-Gen Terminal

As you would expect with a next gen terminal the A920 comes packed with features. Allowing you to take payments securely, quickly and hassle free.

Featuring a hygienic glass touchscreen instead of buttons, the terminal can be wiped between uses to ensure it remains safe whilst being used by different customers. The card machine also accepts contactless and mobile payment apps meaning payments are quick and easy to make.


Customer data is kept secure throughout the transaction process as the card terminal has P2PE encryption as standard. Your business will be PCI compliant without a lengthy survey by answering some quick questions when installing the machine.

Multi Connectivity

To ensure a strong connection, the terminal will switch between Bluetooth and wireless internet, automatically choosing the strongest signal.

The terminal also comes with a sim card installed. This gives 3-in-1 connectivity between Bluetooth, wireless internet or mobile signal, again auto switching to the strongest connection. Activating the SIM costs £5 per month and it is possible to switch this on or off on a monthly basis as your payment needs change.

By automatically switching to the strongest signal the terminal allows payments to be taken more quickly than traditional card machines, improving customer flow in busy spaces.

Remote Support

In the extremely unlikely event there is an issue with the terminal, you can access support 24 hours a day. Customer service representatives can access the terminal remotely and more than 98% of issues can be fixed this way. Should a terminal need to be changed it is dispatched via next day delivery, minimising down time.

Android Software

The Pax A920 is based on android software and has it’s own dedicated app to breakdown payment data as required. Access this data instantly day or night.

The terminal can link to your existing till system via our “Pay at Counter” and “Pay at Table” packages. This free service eliminates the need for double keying of amounts and means customers are served quicker and more efficiently.

Bespoke Rates

The Pax A920 is £20 per month plus £5 if mobile connectivity is required. The processing rates for debit, credit and business cards are bespoke to your business and calculated based on the levels of turnover via each type of card. These rates are significantly lower than pay as you go services and normally 20%-40% cheaper than other contracted providers. Get the best of both worlds with a package as unique as your business when it comes to contract length and rates.

Introducing the new Pax A920
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