Kernow Merchant Services

Kernow Merchant Services are based in Truro and provide business solutions to companies across the UK. We were founded with one aim in mind, to support business owners to maximise their profits. 

We do this by ensuring their support packages provide as much value and efficiency as possible. Simply, we allow you to concentrate on working on your business instead of spending time comparing available products.

Independent, expert and trustworthy. We work in your interest by offering the best packages that fit your needs.

Tied into a contract? We'll cover your cancellation fees up front...

If you’re already with another provider, we can pay your exit fees up to £3,000 to help you make the switch with us up front so you’re not out of pocket.

Our Mission Values


By remaining independent, we aren’t tied to a particular company or product. This means we can access the best value packages on the market.

After assessing your needs, our consultants will recommend what best fits your requirements.


With HR advisors, business consultants, and IT experts on the team, we can be trusted to give you the support you need to succeed, grow and expand.

As well as advising on suitable products we can offer mentoring and grant writing support.


We build a relationship with our clients meaning you can focus on running your enterprise whilst we're trusted to support your needs.

Our consultants are dedicated to making your business grow and remaining a success.

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